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About Doctor Shen

Edred V. Shen, MD, received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Rochester in 1990. He attended the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (formerly an entity of Rutgers University) with a full merit scholarship and graduated in 1994. He served a residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Rochester, Rochester, New York. He is board certified in Internal Medicine. Dr. Shen received his training in Medical Acupuncture from the University of California at Los Angeles School of Medicine and is licensed to practice Medical Acupuncture in New Jersey.

Doctor's Desk
Ancillary Services Include:
  • Hospital
  • House Calls
  • Travel Medicine
  • Rehabilitation Center Visits

Contacting our office

Our office hours, fax number and website are at the bottom of this page.  If our office hours are an inconvenient time to call, you can leave a message and the staff will check within the next business day. To leave a message select option 2 on the answering service. If you need to be seen urgently, we will accommodate you as best as we can. We do not overbook unless we are squeezing in urgent visits, which explain why sometimes the waiting room is empty. If it is after hours, please page Dr. Shen if you are considering going to the emergency department or an urgent care center. To page Dr. Shen select option 3 on the answering service.

Making appointments

Because we do not overbook, we almost always have same day appointments. Please let us know if you are making an appointment for a complete physical (annual prevention, sports, work, school, operation clearance, etc.) as these may take longer. When you come in, please let us know if there are any changes in name, address, phone numbers or insurance, to avoid any unnecessary bills.


Refilling old prescriptions is best handled by calling the pharmacy and entering your prescription number in the automated system. It is faster and easier for you, the pharmacy and us. Requests for refills for medications prescribed by another physician may be left with the pharmacy or us. In general, medications for chronic conditions will be given for 3 months to remind both you and us of your recommended follow up visit. We use the medication as a reminder system. However, since medications may be changed, we recommend scheduling a follow up visit one to two weeks before you run out of your prescribed medication.


Please check with your insurance or the specialist's office to see if you need a referral. If you do, let us know when you make the appointment, in case the person who can do the referral is away or additional information is needed. We will need the specialist's name, address, phone number, provider or group NPI number, fax number, and the reason you are seeing the specialist.

Blood tests

We perform blood tests in our office from Monday to Friday by appointment.

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